If your player doesn’t feature in live match then your player does not get any points.
If that contest is confirm contest so if the users are less in contest then also the amount will be distributed as stated. But if it is Not confirm contest in that case if number of users are less than the contest size then all the amount will be refunded back to the user account to play in next match.
We charge small amount as platform fee, so we can advertise and maintain the platform.
As soon as you do transaction and as soon as 6 confirmations on blockchain shows you will see your amount in account.
It usually takes up to 72 hours for withdrawal to reach your specified address .In coming months we might go instant withdrawals but for time being as it will be manual process it can take up to 72 hours.
Our affiliate earning plan with 5 % on 3 levels can be changed revised or removed anytime without any prior notice to the users . It might be there forever or can be changed according to company needs.
No, max 7 player from one team can be selected and rest has to be from other side.
When there is a tie between 2 or more users then the price money is divided equally among the winners
In that case the entire entry fee will be credited back to the user account if the real live match gets abandoned.
In that case if the winner of the team is announced, means if the match is rain effected and overs get reduced and other team is declared win so in that case the user which has the highest point at the time of declaration will win.
In that case if not even single team has completed his inning then all the amount will be refunded back.
The player who you make captain of your team will earn 2 times the point whereas Vice captain will earn 1.5 times the points for his performance. So you must choose captain and vice captain wisely.
This is the fun of playing at DraftM8 where you need to choose 11 players under the given 100 points.
No, once the timer shown over the match stops you cannot edit any of your team .As its game of skill so you need to choose players and make your final team before the match begins.
You can see your rank once match begins and your player started scoring runs . It gets updated nearly within 5 minutes after the match begins.
Yes, you can create multiple teams, by simply clicking on the contest and adding more and more team the max being 6 teams in single contest.
Click the "Sign In" button and then click on the “Forgot Password' link and enter your email address. Once you’ve submitted the form, an email with a link to reset the password will be sent to the account holder's email address. If you have trouble with the above contact info@draftm8.com
Select “Withdraw” option from your account menu (Ensure your account is verified to be able to withdraw) Choose your withdrawal method (currently we are offering paypal transfer,Bank account transfer will be available soon) and enter the necessary information. Withdrawal requests must be a minimum of 10$.

Other Important informations

1 Token = 1 Indian Rupees, 1 USD = 70 Draftm8 Tokens, 1 USD = 70 INDIAN RUPEES.

IF YOU WANT TO DEPOSIT ETHEREUM ,RIPPLE, BITCOIN,ETC. YOU NEED TO TRANSFER IT FROM ANY CRYPTO WALLET OR PURCHASE IT FROM ANY CRYPTO EXCHANGE. FOR Example: Wazirx ,Binance,koinex,Huobi,etc. And transfer it to the required coin wallet address visible on the coingate app. For example : John need to deposit Ethereum he will click on Add money option, he will fill the amount he need to deposit, john we then click on Coingate option , he will get option to transfer the required Ehereum amount To Coingate address.